I realized that I began my last post with this tantalizing title, but didn’t finish my thought… blogs are like that, I guess. Anyway, one of the possibilities of Mars retrograde is a return of an old lover. Venus retrograde can do this as well, but with Venus’ influence, it usually has a romantic, sweet overtone as opposed to the heat of Mars.

This was what prompted the “Lover Come Back” of my title (as well as being the name of a Doris Day film). I haven’t had one of those episodes myself this time, but it has occurred in dreams. I wake up and blink, thinking: “what the heck was he doing in my head???”

Having gone through Jungian therapy, my second response is then: “what facet of me does he represent?” And thus begins an ongoing exploration as I go about my day, which I sometimes have the luxury to jot down but more often muse in the quiet of bank lines and driving.

Mars symbolizes action, desire and the libido. Although your ex-lovers are people, they also have a symbolic representation to you. The artist, the cop, the rebel… when one of them walks back into your life, either physically or through a memory or a dream… what is the message s/he brings?

Believe me, my ex-husband is not someone I welcome in a dreamscape, although this scene was peaceful. Because of his appearance in a well-ordered kitchen, I know I’ve been getting the message loud and clear to get organized and make time for my artwork.

I write, I do astrology, but there’s another dimension that is demanding time and somehow I have got to find it. I know this all begins with intention and the faith that I am.

I would love to hear any questions or thoughts you have on this…