IMG_1066Forecast 7/7 Sensitivity is heightened under the Cancer Moon; this can be delicious in the right circumstance and excruciating with something painful.

Either way, open communications enhance the experience. Even when words fail you, there are other ways to cross the distance.

This can be challenging if you feel vulnerable, especially if you’re in an emotional mine field. Nonetheless, if the gulf is worth the journey, keep on because a bridge is possible.

This is the dark of moon period before tomorrow’s New Moon. Excellent time to evaluate where you want to go in the next cycle while disengaging from distractions.

By evening, creativity, romance and playful hijinks break up the heaviness*.

©Cucinell 2013- all rights reserved

*You’re welcome to utilize the creative juice of the Cancer New Moon by attending my gathering on Sunday 7/7 at Wainwright House.

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