Thursday 9/25 After the excitement of trying to get things done in a timely manner today, reward yourself with a night of entertainment. If you can’t get to the theatre or there’s no film that interests you, invite some friends for a harvest dinner or spontaneously gather for a game night. If you can get the kids off Nintendo, family scrabble may create hilarity with Mercury retrograde misspelling and inspirations.

Typical Mercury retrograde- I thought I’d published this!
Wednesday 9/24 Mercury goes retrograde today and because Mars is also in Libra, this could be volatile. Usually when Mercury is retrograde we do best with the “re’s”: reflection, remembering, re-visit, re-do. That’s why it’s not recommended to begin contracts or buy electrical or big purchases during the retrograde. With Mars (drive, passion), tempers may be shorter because people may not be careful.

A Leo moon may increase the drama. Try to give yourself extra time, a sense of humor and welcome the opportunity to slow down in spite of the frenzy around you. For more of the week’s forecasts.


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