IMG_1860Forecast 6/7 Now that the moon is in Gemini, you can start taking promises seriously.

Since this is the day before the New Moon, traditional wisdom suggests beginning an enterprise at this time may be inauspicious. However, if it’s a project already in motion, you can certainly continue. Yet consider what may need to be harvested, shelved or reconsidered before going forward in the next lunar cycle.

Map out a strategy to get on the phone, computer and get out the door to connect with movers and shakers. Conversations may need to gestate a bit before the ideas take off, but you are laying the groundwork for the coming New Moon. As a result, it may be best to keep your cards close to the vest until after this dark of moon period; don’t force growth but see what presents itself.

A Venus/Neptune picture in the sky may enhance romantic and/or creative impulses. Then Venus/Saturn intensifies the follow-through of these inclinations.

Consider that the 3 planets are in conversation: Venus wants to feel and express love, Saturn wants to define limitations and Neptune wants to get lost in the moment. You can see how an artist could work a creative piece, or a couple could make a commitment, or someone else would want to lock the door and hole up with whatever provides immediate comfort.

Some key words are: Venus (love/harmony), Saturn (responsibility/fear) and Neptune (dreams/spirituality). This can promote heightened expressions of magnificent love or a desire to escape, depending on self-awareness.

Be alert for communications that smack of manipulations or covert agendas; on the other hand, mysteries can be explored.

Pay attention when operating heavy machinery and watch your step when dancing. Avoid over-indulgence. A Mars/Neptune picture indicates that drive and ideals may not line up as desired, which can lead to actions that are in conflict with the dream. No one wants his or her toes stepped on!

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