As May opens we are in the shadow of Venus Retrograde (which occurs exactly on 5/15) When Venus is retrograde, money seems in short supply.

Since she turns retrograde just shy of an exact trine (hamonious aspect) to Saturn, it may show a pulling away from fiscal responsibility. This can manifest several ways; those who should pay more for something feel unable to (regardless of whether or not this is true) so asking for a raise or loan becomes harder. On the other hand, those who need to tighten their belts or pay more attention to finances may run in the opposite direction.

In general, when Venus is retrograde, relationships gain in seriousness, even if they are fleeting. So whether business or romantic, you may find an increased responsibility in any exchange you have with another. Older people can seem more compelling and an old lover or friendship can crop up. If you’re a creative person, this is a good time to rework a dormant project but not to start with a fresh inspiration. So go easy on yourself if you feel “dried up”. It’s better to pull out something on the shelf and re-consider it. Avoid new hair styles, any cosmetic surgery or makeovers, whether body or home.

Traditionally, weddings are not planned during this time or new businesses launched. However, the birth charts of the individuals and/or the type of business must be taken into account. An antique business may do well, as can the marriage of two people with an age difference.

During the “shadow” period, be aware that some of Venus Retrograde’s influences are at play. She will be retrograde through June 27 in the sign of Gemini, so relationships between siblings, neighbors and through electronic and verbal communications are especially challenged at this time.

May Day has a hard-working Virgo moon, which emphasizes any desire to tend to health and business matters. There is an overall mood of feeling short-changed, which adds support to the Occupy movement’s plans for this day. Regardless of your political or social views, much can be accomplished in a daily task, it’s the long range projects that are best launched another day. Anything started today has difficulty aligning what you want with what you need, so put your shoulder to tasks already begun or tackle something you need to organize or purge.

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