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The Scorpio Moon is void-of-course (VOC)* from 12:54 a.m. ET through 8:21 a.m.

If driving in the early morning, keep hyper-alert. Do not send electronic messages without considering the wide range of consequences and if you receive an early morning missive, view it judiciously. Expect the unexpected. Really savor your morning cup and/or bond with conversation/hugs. Confusion may be rampant this afternoon, especially if you’ve no time for meditation and centering.

Make time. Just sit, close your eyes and slow your breath to a natural pace, vision waves lapping the sand as you relax.  Whether you have a minute, or five or a delicious twenty- you can control your blood pressure, clear your anxiety and gain perspective, just by taking whatever time available to you to appreciate the gift of breath.

You’re most fortunate if you can walk in a beautiful natural environment or park at this time. Even a quick stroll through a NYC pocket park can provide the connection required, as long as you’re totally present when in that space. If you can’t get out, find a visual in your mind to relax you. Too often a brain runs like a hamster wheel, in a frantic attempt to solve a problem through constant whirring.

Yet it is in stillness when the space to provide a new option appears. Breath is the gift always with you. Breath is the reminder that the window sash opens and a new breeze enters. This can be subtle. Only through developing the ability to observe do you catch the scent of potential.

When you’re able to give yourself this moment today, you are in a much better position to take advantage of the Mercury/Saturn energy building in the afternoon. This enables you to strengthen a message, communication and/or forge an alliance with a valuable resource.

Endeavors begun at this time have great potential, especially when time is taken to understand what is not obvious. ©Cucinell 2013- all rights reserved

*The Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Scorpio, you may find a lost object when you clean or if you’re trying to finish something up you may have trouble ending it…. might be better to curl up with a mystery, if possible

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