Be sure to look at the sky, and appreciate the buds on the ground pushing their way to freedom. Unless you’re plagued with allergies, linger with the aroma of spring. If you do have allergies, try not to push yourself. Find time to rest, drink lemon water and drift.

Lola & Forsythia ©Cucinell 2010

Taurus is the sign that teaches us how to feast on life, savoring each morsel. Let yourself experience something tactile, sensual, delicious and sweet and you won’t be disappointed.

When I was a kid, I developed allergies in the spring. I remember lying in a darkened room with boric acid soaked rags on my eyes when my siblings were out enjoying the weather. I had to drink a vile green liquid that I can still taste in my “mind’s mouth” and it’s one of those flavors you never forget. It probably had alcohol in it and it made me sleep.

I outgrew my allergies, although now and again with particularly intense pollen I’ll have a little bout, but nothing compared to the immobilizing allergies of my childhood. For those of you who suffer from them, I wish you a speedy escape from the offenders and hope you get to enjoy spring regardless. And may no one offer you vile green medicine!

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