Drew Barrymore is a wonderful example to pull out anytime someone says something disparaging about a Pisces. She’s got Sun (self), Jupiter (luck) and Venus (love) in it AND the Moon (emotions) in Cancer. Now this is a lot of water, and there’s a weird prejudice out there about people who feel deeply… who cry easily and who bend.

But Drew Barrymore shows the power of water, the ability to churn up, flush out and renew. Because Saturn (limits, discipline) is also in Cancer with her Moon, it shows the difficult relation with her mother (especially early on) and her strong sense of responsibility. Astrologers call Saturn the great taskmaster, but this sense of a need for structure is probably what saved her life. It also indicates her managerial and business abilities.

She is clearly an artist as well. With her Mars (desire) in Capricorn, she will be coming more into her own. Her portrayal of Edie Bouvier Beale in Grey Gardens will change the public’s perception of her.

Little Edie was born with Venus at 0 Capricorn, which is on the world axis and her North Node was at 2 degrees. The Node often is highlighted when fame and fortune finds a person, as Monica over at AstrologyMundo likes to point out.

Drew Barrymore’s Venus in Pisces at 29 makes a connection to this point. Transiting Pluto in Capricorn makes this a time when something is transforming. My hunch is this will be a role in which she is unforgettable. It is also likely there are aspects of Little Edie she intuitively understands and as a result will portray brilliantly.

My 4/14 blogtalkradio show was all about Little and Big Edie and Drew and Jessica Lange.