Forecast 3/31 A Sagittarius Moon on Easter indicates a need for devout expression for those who find meaning in the day.

This time of year was revered as a period of rebirth and renewal long before Christ. Regardless of one’s faith or lack of it, Spring promises a fresh start and the jolt of new life.

I took a walk through one of my favorite local trails today and delightedly followed the exuberant sounds of peepers. Their chorus never fails to thrill me, with its promise of longer, warmer days and the reassurance that if the frogs are still in our wetlands, our ecosystem endures.

Even if you don’t consider this a sacred time, you may feel a strong pull for some kind of inner recognition. Regardless, physical exercise is recommended to properly align the fire energy that flares today.

Walks in nature free the spirit to communicate more effectively and merge with a higher power (whatever your name for it). I will most likely seek out my peeper friends again.

Although a “day of rest” for many, sparks fly to stimulate ideas and trigger projects. You may not be in a position to act on any inspiration, but jot it down to look at for future action.

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