Eclipses bring messages. You may have to look for them, depending on where the eclipse falls in your personal horoscope. The message may be subtle, like an encounter, dream or a memory.

If it directly affects your horoscope, it may be something overtly new or revelatory. If the eclipse falls on your birthday this is a big year for you but you may feel low energy until the eclipse passes.

Do not initiate something at an eclipse, but you can consider what comes to you- especially a Solar Eclipse, which happens at a New Moon. A Lunar Eclipse occurs at the Full Moon, when things culminate; this can segue to a new beginning, but more often its a tangent instead of a brand, new endeavor.

Eclipses are not auspicious dates to make overtures or begin something, because the initiator will not realize the intended goal. First President George Bush made an eclipse date as his famous ultimatum deadline, which ended up initiating the Gulf War. It’s unlikely he consulted an astrologer.

However, a proposal made to you on an eclipse may be to your advantage; wait until a good day to decide.