Admittedly, even before the economic crash I wasn’t one to buy the newest electronic toy if I had one that was working perfectly fine. When my CD player jammed I got lazy and simply used the computer.  This Mercury retrograde, I decided I wanted to fix my little Sony and get a nice sound again.

There’s an electronic repair guy down the block who has fixed many of my machines over the years; I think there was only one that was not worth it and he told me without any cost. My CD player wasn’t a big deal after all, but we will have to be careful in the future not to put more CDs in than it’s designed for… must have been a late night error!

My repair guy was in a philosophic mood when I picked up the CD player. It may have had something to do with the steady diet of news he gets from the TV on the counter. We heard something about Circuit City’s closings. He told me he didn’t like the way the news bred fear. Maybe he was feeling the effects of today’s Capricorn moon?

Electronics is his business, but he’s not happy with the way “they” keep churning out new models of televisions, audio, cameras, etc. He explained that if a model becomes obsolete within 3-6 months, the producer doesn’t even bother to make parts to fix it. So if it breaks before the warranty, there isn’t a comprable model to replace it. “They” give the consumer today’s model, which he claims is inferior to the one purchased less than a year ago.

“They” keep making new models cheaper than the last. The cost won’t necessarily be less, but it’s an inferior product. He felt it would come around; that consumers would demand quality again.

I think he’s on to something. It’s Pluto in Capricorn starting to shift the search for what’s new into what’s built to last.