I have not written a great deal about Sandy and the Full Moon. It is not for lack of caring; I hope you, your family and property are safe. I wish you power to read this or if you do not, that you’re choosing to power down.

This has been an intense time and although my family has fared pretty well, there’s been a lot of stuff to do. Like most folks in the area, I’m coping, counting my blessings and feeling a bit sad that our beautiful region has taken such a big hit.

When a disaster of this magnitude happens, some people think that as an astrologer I might have known. I did fill my gas tank, secured the lawn furniture, gathered food and batteries, filled water bottles, charged the electronics and stayed indoors. But so probably, did all my neighbors.

I knew the Full Moon would rise the tides, but any sailor or person watching the news was aware of that. What I did take into account, is the continued march of Pluto in Capricorn moving in direct motion. Pluto is symbolic of irrevocable transformation, the god of death and the Underworld. In Capricorn, it is about corporate structures, financial institutions and the status quo.

New York is a Capricorn city and Pluto will be at the same degree of its Sun in February 2013. I did not anticipate that an older friend would be without power in her beautiful 25th floor apartment all this time. I am certain, however that she listened to the safety procedures as well. When the god of the Underworld is at your doorstep, it is time to let him lead.

The other occurrence of reckoning is a turn from Ceres who went retrograde on Halloween. The goddess of the harvest has another face, a dark one. Keep in mind that crops do not grow successfully without compost. Her turn is in synch with the position of Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn symbolizes structure and limitation. This is a deeply fecund time for new growth; can we learn from it? Is this indeed the “new normal”? I would say, don’t get attached to any sense of normalcy, however unsettling….this is a process. We are in transition.

Neptune, the god of the sea is retrograde right now- going slowly over its 0° Pisces position- just beginning its journey through the sign linked to the waters of our planet. Picture a force going backwards as it gets ready to go full throttle… Sandy has been a lesson, a warning and how we deal with it has everything to do with what happens after.

Forecast 11/2 If you’re out on the road early, keep alert for “road rage” or offensive driving.

Tempers may not be in line with safe driving, so give those folks a wide berth. On the other hand, for those of us surrounded by the vacant intersection lights and confusion of “Sandy”, this is another excellent reason to keep alert when driving.

The Moon is void-of-course VOC* from 5:21 a.m. through the next day. When we have this long a “void”, it is an opportunity to organize and/or work with detached focus. This can be highly productive as long as you don’t expect to start anything brand new.

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*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Gemini, conversations can be particularly misunderstood; avoid important correspondence or phone calls. Great time to clean out old emails and tidy up your desktop.