Valentine’s Day 2/14 There is a cluster of Aquarian energy activating this year’s Day of Love, which stokes the fire of whatever was started on the 1/26 & 2/9 eclipses. Ironically, this is not about one relationship as much as it’s about your relationship with the larger world.

There has been excitement flying around the internet about this configuration. That is fitting because Aquarius is connected with networking and the electronic mediums.  There is a lovely Libra moon in the early morning which works with the Aquarian planets. Conversations can be engaging and provocative. People really reach to try to comprehend one another.

But by 9:51 am EST, the moon has moved into Scorpio, setting the mood for an intense weekend. If you and your partner are in synch, ties may deepen, especially if you both like to talk.  If your relationship is rocky, this could be an opportunity to try to express your needs or it could make clear how wide is the divide.

If you’re not with someone (but want to be) imagine or write what you would like in a gift from your partner. Then give the gift to yourself. And if you’re not with someone and that’s fine with you, have a wonderful day of self-love ( and that goes to all readers). Because nothing attracts love more than a healthy amount of self-love.