IMG_2035Forecast 6/17 If you’ve planned out your wardrobe and breakfast the night before, it may save some confusion in the morning. Although it’s Monday, willingness to jump into the work week doesn’t kick in immediately, so early risers may want to take it slowly.

A Mars/Uranus picture in the sky at 11:20 a.m. indicates “spontaneous combustion”; be prepared for sudden invitations, fast turns and a quickened pace. An interesting face may catch your eye and/or you may happen into a captivating lunch date or (for the very lucky) find time for a tryst.

The energetic weather does not necessarily lead to romance, but it does intensify desire. Regardless of how it manifests, this is a time when inspiration gets stoked. Like welding, it requires vigilant attention and a willingness to broker risk.

Further manipulations present themselves later in the day and the triumphant are those who can roll with any upsets. Actions taken today have an overall great success rate, especially for those willing to deal with any vagaries that present themselves.

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