The Moon is VOC* from 3:40 am to 8:24 am ET.

Once the moon enters Pisces, you may feel swept into fantastic moments of creativity or a longing for spiritual union. Depending on whether you’re comfortable with this energy or not, it can be a moment of meditation (especially around 10:11 am), a need to listen to a deeply loved piece of music, or a desire to start cocktail hour early. I would caution against the last impulse! Find a constructive form of escape.

Now that Neptune is in Pisces, every time the moon enters Pisces, those of us with escapist tendencies may feel a need to “check out”.

This is a tremendous opportunity to grab the reigns of that tendency and enforce a healthier practice. The desire to escape is ALWAYS about a desire to return to the soul’s spiritual union with the Divine Source IMHO. Self-medicating can never take the place of a meditation/spiritual practice (although I know that in the right circumstances it sure can be fun!)

The Pisces Neptune is a call to awaken the slumbering Spirit connection within your Soul. Our society does not support this and the commercial world offers many alternatives to that hunger and longing.

When you are perfectly aligned with Spirit, you can use this time to visualize, focus and celebrate the path your Soul has chosen. This is a powerful day to begin projects, create, manifest and live in the present. The force is so strong that it you may want to set your intention beforehand, so that you are the master of your fate and not the victim of avoidance. Celebrate life by dancing, making art or enjoying the company of like-minded people.

*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Aquarius you are apt to get caught up in a discussion or a cause which has no resolution. This is an excellent time to visit with friends or bounce around ideas, for pure recreation. If you’re trying to solve a problem, you can connect the dots much more effectively once the moon enters Pisces (depending on what else is going on!)

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