The moon enters Cancer at 1:42 am ET.


Since Cancer is a cardinal sign, the moon makes geometric pictures with Uranus, Pluto and Saturn as it travels through the sign. Since these planets stir up feelings of disruption, loss and constriction (among other things), it can indicate a couple of rocky moments (or days).

The best way to weather it is to limit appointments with people who set you off, especially if you have Cancer, Aries, Libra or Capricorn prominent in your horoscope. This doesn’t mean it’s continual tension, but it’s important to give yourself treats and stroking at this time.

Walks by the water, baths or swimming can be very beneficial. Nonetheless, a lot can get done today, if you move effectively through a disruption or upset that may occur midday. Avoid power struggles. It’s essential not to take incidences personally.

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