The Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse at 24° Sagittarius 23” and occurs at 4:14 pm ET. This degree packs an extra wallop because it is in line with the Galactic Center, the heart of our Solar System.

Full moons are times of culminating energy. If you began something or reassessed a situation at the new moon, pay attention to what happens today for symbolic messages.

The Sabian symbol for the moon states: “A chubby boy on a hobbyhorse”. The symbol for the Sun at this degree is: “A man trimming palms”.

©Cucinell 2010

The contrast of the two phrases is indicative of the energy at play. One conjures the image of childlike enthusiasm grabbing the idea of power and motion. The fact that the boy is “chubby”, suggests that he has a lack of moderation. To propel himself into the fantasy of riding is a positive image that also suggests he will go until he’s exhausted.

Whereas the second image shows a grownup in the act of detail work. He is tailoring a live plant, probably to stimulate growth or to scale back for visibility. To trim is to honor the integrity of what exists while harnessing it in some way.

The combination of these images promises enthusiasm for an imagined outcome balanced by a calculated moderation. Both energies must be in play, so don’t curb your enthusiasm at the cost of your passion, nor neglect moderation by moving too fast.

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