Frankfurt ©Pardillo 2007

Forecast 8/16 A Venus/Uranus picture can bring an unexpected relationship or financial situation which causes more friction than ease.

The end results can be positive; it’s all about how you handle change. Keep in mind you don’t have to get on the roller-coaster if the level of excitement looks like more than you want to handle.

There’s plenty of other fun and games out there with the Leo moon. Through tomorrow morning is a good time for an event or appointments (even though people are playful, they still can be action-oriented).

This is the day before the new moon, so clear out anything that you don’t want to bring into the next cycle. There’s a lot of creative energy bubbling, so harness what appeals to you and leave the rest.

Tonight can be glamorous and theatrical, only stay home if there’s a compelling reason or the pyrotechnics are there.