Very effective day for connecting or initiating a project, especially one that involves finances or real estate.

Last Poppys ©Cucinell 2011

The morning shows excellent communications and the beginnings of parties who come together for the long run. You might want to call a family member and if you can’t, someone who feels like family.

The moon is VOC* for a blink, from 9:22 to 9:55 pm. Once the moon enters Leo, the desire to party increases for some people, so if this is your inclination and you can be out without penalties in the morning, have fun. If not, curl up with a movie or a program that gives you a sense of drama.

*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Cancer, be by the water, time with family or sifting through memorabilia. Lovely time to enjoy a picnic or meal with no time constraints.

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