scarlet pimpernelForecast 12/14 Mercury finally moves out of the shadow of the November retrograde, so old business might finally go away. And delays finally subside.

This is when writers may feel the kick of Uranus’ turn yesterday, and when the ability to create a solid daily practice actually seems achievable.

It may take an initial balk at the routine, but the payoff is worth it. Out-of-the blue conversations or inspirations may catapult you to unexpected tangents.

You don’t have to start everything today; perhaps jot it down for another time. A practical Capricorn moon makes it difficult to promise something you can’t deliver: always a plus for a compulsive volunteer.

An overall good day to start most activities that require a work ethic; also you can build a firm foundation for health and therapeutic ambitions. Rock solid achievement will in time garner financial rewards and interpersonal kudos.

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