4/28/2010 When the Full Moon in Scorpio is in the sky, emotions can be intense, especially concerning matters of the heart or finance. If you’re a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) you’re probably going to want some time alone or with someone who doesn’t need to hear words to communicate.

Although classically the currents go very deep with the Scorpio Moon, today may burn through brooding quicker than usual. Feelings can explode but hopefully are correctly expressed and received.

The theme of the power struggle between “the status quo and change” may become stronger today. There may be a pull towards your home or roots, which can heighten what you’re willing to fight for or simply put things in perspective.

Be clear that you are not giving up freedom in your desire to hold on; in other words when you’re committed to a cause you relinquish your options. This is as it should be when you’ve come to the only conclusion possible for you, but be certain you’re not blindsided.

If you know where Scorpio/Taurus falls in your horoscope, that will be the area in life that is “lit up” by the full moon. The area of life (or house) that the Moon is positioned in shows where you put your emotional focus. The area of life the Sun is in shows where you may see the results of this focus.

For instance, if your Rising Sign (Ascendant) is Taurus, you will be very visible, whether you want to be or not, and the emphasis will be on partnership, either romantic or professional.

When I look at the Full Moon (exact at 8:18 am ET) set for the Washington DC, it indicates the USA can expect to hear links between banking/finance and how it affects our children/goals. This might be related to education or health cutbacks or grants. It may also be about US policy’s effect on children internationally.