Friday Full Moon 12/12 With Mercury entering Capricorn the day of the Gemini Full Moon, it may be difficult to say directly what you mean. Actual communication may slow down while the emotional need to be heard increases. As a result, some people may move too fast and not be aware where they are in physical space.

It is important that you pay attention to those around you because there may be a clumsiness as these two disparate energies adjust.  When you’re out and about on the road, keep your eyes alert even though your head may be racing with many thoughts.

You may find yourself trying to negotiate with someone who seems heavy-handed. It may be best to shelve the discussion until you can gather more information.

Put in motion whatever projects you’ve got to do before 1:01 pm EST.   After that, clear your desk and organize; it’s a productive way to gain a sense of control.