Monday 11/2 The Venus Neptune can create an “in love with love” mood; everything is beautiful. However, unless you’re willing to concede to every whim that your partner, friend, co-worker proposes, the initial impressions may unravel.

Emotional content may be expressed awkwardly or have sharp edges. Avoid confrontations unless you’re comfortable standing your ground and avoid wounding words. Keep perspective if you’re the target.

The Full Moon in Taurus occurs at 2:14 pm ET. There is a tendency to feel the tangible slips through your fingers. The Taurus Moon is bright from the Scorpio Sun. Therefore “things” lose importance next to passion. Yet what is really required is balance between the two.

If you’re not feeling emotionally connected with your partner, your work or other people in your life, you may feel a crisis of values. On the other hand, life’s true pleasures may be heightened: a good meal, a beautiful vista, some soul-connecting music and a massage.

Actually, you can have all of those pieces incorporated into your Full Moon ritual. It can be as simple as being in a space you love with a cup of your favorite beverage. Take time to give yourself a good foot or hand massage. Reflect on the blessings in your life and give thanks for them.

Since there is also a Venus/Neptune trine in the sky, everything looks rosy and the tendency for escapism is high. This can be well-channeled for a dream you’re trying to manifest, but you still need your feet on Terra Firma. Kick tires; to act on faith is a beautiful thing, but be certain that your partners deserve your trust.