The_Horse_in_MotionForecast 3/12 Mars enters Aries at 2:26 a.m. ET. Expect several weeks of hard-driving passion. Will you be able to harness it or watch those around you gallop past?

Those with fire and air signs prevalent in the horoscope may feel an energetic lift. The moon enters Aries as well at 7:17 a.m., which makes it difficult to stay in bed (unless you’ve a physical reason to do so).

This is a high-octane day but keep in mind Mercury retrograde; plan your routes carefully and double-check appointments or there will be lots of wheel-spinning with no distance covered.

Very good day for throwing around ideas and making connections, but be aware that whatever you may think can come of it, probably won’t. Although things may get stalled or stunted, you can still develop ideas through the experience.

The lesson is to not hold to tightly to a preconceived notion; you really don’t know how far something might run when given the right tools to begin. Fire up your passion and pay attention to how it’s received so that you can learn.