8/25/2010 Yesterday’s lunar hit may have punched you with a psychic hangover, which is fine if you’re able to sit poolside with a book… but it can be highly disconcerting if you’re in a work environment which requires keen attention.

Even if you are reading a book, you may keep reading the same paragraph. This day is golden if you’re able to enjoy a creative flow, if you paint or write or work artistically, spiritually or intuitively. Even if this isn’t how you view your profession, it can be augmented with the keen perception that is rampant today.

This is not a good time for someone who has limited boundaries or a slim handle on the tangible. Ideally, you can enjoy the dreamy stimulus. Avoid self-medicating, especially if you need to have an important conversation.

Listening can be highly acute or greatly distorted, depending on your ability to stay present and grounded.