Friday 10/9 If your work relies on communication, this may be a stressful day.

If you don’t meditate regularly, here’s my plug to start. At least concentrate on your breath if you get held up on a line or in traffic.

That doesn’t mean to focus on your shallow breathing or hyperventilate, what it means is to notice your breath. It can be as simple as saying in your head “I breathe in” when you do and “I breathe out” when do. Today may be highly productive, but only if you pace yourself and pay attention.

The point of focusing on your breath is it will calm you down. You can’t stay as angry or anxious when you focus on your breath. When you’re thinking about your breath, you are not thinking about how slowly the line is moving or how irritating a person is. You are not thinking about the letter you got that aggravates you- or the guy who cut you off- you are thinking about your breath.

Meditation may be a welcome relief if you have found yourself in the middle of several conversations like table-tennis matches.

Tempers may be short especially in the evening ET. Consider what you say before you say it. If someone says something that sets you off: “Breathe!” Mercury (communication) is entering Libra (relating) this evening and you may be meeting challenges to listen more effectively.

The Cancer Moon changes the mood as of 9:48 pm ET. You may want to find your way home to a good book, a hot bath and/or a warm fire.