Tuesday 4/28 You may start the day optimistically, but even if you don’t, opportunities are out there if you tune in to possibilities. You may experience some resistance, because it may not look as you would expect. But rewards can be had for those willing to dream of possibilities out of the range of the norm.

The moon goes VOC at 12:23 pm ET. Time to organize and make piles of items you haven’t used in years. You can easily decide which goes to friends, which goes to charity and what you’re going to Freecycle.

At 6:38 pm ET the moon enters Cancer. Plan to have a dinner with comfort food. Plan to be with or call a very dear friend or relative. If you can’t find time to be with that someone, make a future date.

Curl up with a cup of tea and a good read. Keep a pad and pencil near you, so if you get distracted with thoughts from the past you can jot down impressions. This may help you clarify things which may be just what’s needed to keep perspective and take care of you.