My aunt was born on Leap Year Day, and even though she’s long gone, I always think of her on this day… she used to love to divide her age by 4 and confuse all of us kids. Fuzzy boundaries are a very Piscean trait.

Leap Year
reminds me that cycles defy linear packaging. The solar calendar does not fit as neatly as it was designed since it really has 365.242374 days (not the exact 364). So every 4 years we “correct” it with a Leap Year.

2012’s February 29 has a Gemini moon, which maximizes the “extra” day, with plenty of buzz and activities…. And probably an epic of tweets and posts about the novelty of a 29th day. Of course, one of the nutty allowances of this day historically was that a woman could ask a man to marry her on Leap Year. Whether or not this appeals to you, regardless of your gender, it is certainly a good day to remember to tell those you love, that you do.

In spite of the distractions, solid work can get done which leads exactly to where it’s intended. Actions begun today have sound results.

Do you have a special memory of Leap Year?

PS- I loved you, Aunt Peg 🙂