Philippe Petit

The moon is VOC* from 12:11 am to 2:54 pm ET, so you may find the morning has a lot of unfinished business or lacks follow-through. Do the de-clutter you avoided earlier this week, or immerse yourself in an ongoing project that doesn’t require to much brain power. Good day to volunteer at the animal shelter or spend quality time with your pet.

Once the moon enters Libra, the screws of responsibility may tighten. You may feel at odds with what you’d like to do, verses what you need to do. This doesn’t have to be as either-or as it may initially feel, however something does have to give.

Anchor yourself to what must be done by communicating with the important relationship in the equation. For instance, if two people want to go to two different movies, you either compromise or each go alone. The latter is an acceptable solution as long as neither party feels slighted and both are content with the solution.

You may find there’s a way to give all parties their due while giving yourself the freedom and inspiration you crave. On the other hand, you simply may have to tow the line and do what’s expected, but don’t let it be at the cost of forgetting what made your heart sing.

If you keep your dream close, another opportunity will come; if you discard it, you may lose the possibility. Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Virgo, it’s great for organizing, finessing a project or exercise routine and clearing out closets.

What dream are you holding on to, in spite of the nay-sayers?

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