It’s becoming evident to me that we are “back to the future”; the political powerful are aware that astrologers forecast events. In ancient times, only kings and emperors could afford the talents of an adept astrologer, but that was changing over the past century. However, now computers and the internet have exploded the number of people studying astrology and using it for themselves, relationships and finances. I don’t think it’s coincidence that we have no verifiable birth time for the front-running candidates in the US election. I am sure Hillary Rodham Clinton has kept her birth-time a mystery because she’s a Scorpio. I would not be surprised to discover that both Obama and McCain have people advising them to keep this information secret. Even if a candidate is not using astrology at this time, their advisors would have to be asleep at their computers not to see the wealth of intelligent speculation out there by people who watch horoscopes.

The time may come when even celebrities keep this information close to the cuff. But I think we’ve arrived at the time when an astrologer’s ability to forecast an election will only be as good as his/her rectification (ability to estimate the birth-time through research) skills.

Looking ahead at the Inauguration 1/20/2009 chart set for noon (which has been the date/time since the 20th Amendment), many may view the Scorpio moon as “void of course”. This means the moon is making no geometric aspects in the sky to any planet before it leaves its sign. However, many astrological text, including some by the great William Lilly, suggest that if the moon is “applying” (heading toward) a planet soon after it enters the next sign, then the “VOC” does not hold. The reason astrologers avoid a “void of course” moon for an event is it is unlikely the outcome will be as desired.

Of perhaps greater concern is the fact the moon is in Scorpio on 1/20/09 at noon, which is said to be in its “fall” (Scorpio moon natives internalize their feelings and present a cool demeanor because it’s so difficult for them to trust). This would indicate the public would be wary of the new president.  If could also indicate loss and betrayal. If it is true that people with political power are paying attention more to astrologers, it’s possible for the inauguration to be delayed until 12:30 pm. I’m sure the spin-doctors can dream something up. The US would be much better served by a president who begins with a Sagittarius moon in place. Although it’s very unlikely the president elect would admit that was why the time was changed.

However, if the inauguration does occur at noon, the astrology indicates a presidency that will not fulfill its promise.