The internet is a wonderful thing and twitter connects people in ways that are incredible. The revolutions we’ve witnessed in the Middle East are electric and amazing.

But these electronic mediums also spread rumors like wildfire and we have to develop methods of vetting information that comes to us, to know what is true and what is….. not.

The moon is coming physically closer to us in orbit, a position called perigee. Rumors are flying that this is an uncommon event- the truth is this happen several times a year. The moon has a consistent orbital path around the Earth; it is not erratic.

The position of the moon did not cause the earthquake in Japan, nor the tsunami that followed it. Although I do think emotions will be high over the next week, I do not think the moon causes chaos.

It was with shock and sadness that I woke this morning to hear about the horror in Japan. We do have big planetary shifts over the next period of time and the transition of Uranus into Aries today is a key component. I forecast big changes and to keep your eye on the news today. I did not forecast this disaster specifically. By its nature, a Uranus transit is unpredictable.

Our job in this time of change, is to keep a vision of a better world. There are many signs that this shift is happening. Yet today’s events have created great losses. My heart goes out to all who have suffered the consequences of this catastrophe. If you feel yourself in a state of fear or anxiety over the next week, it is time to work on breath, meditation and/or baby yourself. Get a massage, do a gentle cleanse.

Look for methods that suit you to push the stuff out of your body and psyche that keeps you in a worried state. Avoid electronic spin if it heightens anxiety. Send me a note of any astrology rumors that concern you and I’ll answer them as best I can.