6/6/2010 The moon is VOC* from 1:49 am to 1:50 am ET, which probably won’t affect you, even if you’re a night owl or in a different time zone.

Stop ©Cucinell 2010

When it enters Aries, you may have an eventful dream, or if you’re up and about after 2 am ET, you may notice an increase in activity which can have some unexpected results.

With Uranus now in Aries, we are in a period of fast decisions with little reflection. This increases this morning (ET) because Jupiter joins the Aries action at 2:29 am.

If you are an Aries or have Aries strongly in your chart, you can expect to sit up and take notice at this time (if you stop to sit at all). Sudden power struggles may erupt, especially if there’s been a history of contention.

This may abate later in the day so if you need to encounter someone who “pushes your buttons”, save it for the afternoon/evening or avoid it all together.