venus_jupiterWherever Jupiter was positioned when you were born indicates where you see hope, optimism and potential. Jupiter’s travel in the sky symbolizes where it is in relation to this initial spark and indicates where luck and opportunity may come. This year because of the orbits of Saturn (symbolizing limits) and Neptune (the unconscious, infinite), Jupiter begins to activate a Grand Trine in Water.

This brings a swelling of deep feelings, creativity and spiritual leanings, although it can also mean a boatload of rain and storms. This configuration is exact in mid-July, a perfect time to plan a meditation, dance or artistic retreat. After this passage, in August it goes on to engage with Pluto (symbolic of surrender and loss) and Uranus (change). You can expect a return of its impact in late January and February 2014, but it’s April 20, 2014 that is the final face-off.

Use July to do some spiritual soul-searching on where you want to shine your light, then when the upset hits, you will be ready for the transformation (and perhaps even welcome it). If you know your Rising Sign (or Ascendant), read that forecast along with your Sun sign. Often it is the former which rings the most true.

ARIES: Jupiter brings an impulse to nest in the home which may give you the respite you need. Demands at work increase, with the possibility of merger or acquisition. Take advantage of the harbor of your home, however you can make it happen. This can be a period when the relationship with mother gets highlighted, whether she’s in your life or not. If you’ve wanted to incorporate the color blue, a fountain or aquarium into your home or redo your kitchen, this is the year to do it.

TAURUS: It is very important for you to open up communications with your partner (romantic or professional) this year; it is the way to obtain your hopes and wishes. Opportunities may pop for your sibling or a neighbor. You may get an easier commute or have good luck with your vehicle. If you have a hankering to take a writing workshop or start a journal, go for it. You may decide it’s time for food delivery or a CSA. Look for new restaurants and markets coming to your neighborhood.

GEMINI: This is a good money year for you, especially from your own work. You may receive an inheritance. It is important for you to evaluate what your money is spent on and if it serves your overall health and values. The more clear you get on this vision, the more consistent is the return. Network and get involved with groups that stimulate your sense of individuality.

CANCER: Although you may be locked in a power struggle, you may start to see the light in the tunnel. Even if there’s no discernible difference in your struggle, you feel more positive. A sense of robust energy fills you and your exuberance is contagious. Work and career may be a moving target, but this is the time to hunker down and focus on creative ambitions and calculated risks. Watch your diet which can get off track when you’re all over the place.

LEO: In spite of whatever difficulties may crop up this year, in day-to-day routine, health or home- there is an “angel at your shoulder”. So often we forget to ask for help and it is always there for us. This seems to be a time when you may not have the ability to rest and enjoy your home, because of other demands. Allow yourself a retreat, whenever you can find it. Pray, meditate, go to concerts, a museum or make some artwork. Fill the well.

VIRGO: Make new friends. Draft out a vision for your perfect house, vacation or retirement. You may meet a dreamy new romantic interest but you can’t quite get your arms around him/her. Or your partner is MIA more than by your side. Learn to dance or if you already know how, find a place to do it regularly. Join a cause that makes you feel pumped.

LIBRA: Great opportunities come through work; you may travel or get  a new offer. The wrinkle in all of this is home life may be compromised, but changes were coming regardless. It’s also possible that you may decide to go back to school for your career or that there’s a legality that needs to be addressed. This can be a lucrative year.

SCORPIO: Although you’re shouldering a great deal of responsibility, you’re also in a position to turn a corner. There may be a legal issue at hand or something that has to do with higher education. If you can travel to a place by the water, it will be very restorative. A place to meditate or retreat in your home is a highly worthwhile space.

SAGITTARIUS: Inheritance or gifts may come your way although it is essential that you understand where your money goes. Spend time with the older women in your life because wisdom is part of the wealth. This may be challenging because someone may be eluding you, but don’t lose heart. If you have to travel to find her, it is a balm for your wide-horizon soul. Wonderful time to study any form of psychic opening or the metaphysical arts.

CAPRICORN: Love and luck is around you. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll want to spend time in it. If your partner isn’t so inclined, it might be time for a discussion as to why. If you’re not in a relationship, bite the bullet and get out there. Networking groups may bring you more than business or take a course in something that is good for your career. One way or another, this year is about blooming a partnership and if it’s not romance, it’s business.

AQUARIUS: Build strong routines at work. This is the time to create an exercise or diet routine that gives you a lot of juice. However you can focus on your overall health is good. When you build a solid foundation to sustain your goals, the optimism to go the distance follows. Be wary of pet shelter stands unless you consciously are looking for a new pet. Otherwise, your unconscious may invite one home. If you do get a new pet it will provide you with great joy, but be prepared for one with a great deal of exuberance.

PISCES: A romantic glow surrounds you. If you’re single, suddenly candidates start popping up. Since no one is necessarily a keeper, they may not interest you or you might want to play without getting too entangled. Of course, you don’t have to act on anything except enjoy a great deal of imaginative fun. If you’re not single, prioritize romantic time. On the other hand, if you’re an artist or actor, this can be a tremendously fruitful period. If you’re a childbearing age woman, keep in mind this is a fertile year. ©Cucinell 2013- all rights reserved

Does the forecast for either your Sun sign or Rising Sign forecast hit the mark?

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