jupiterandioJupiter (optimism, luck) went direct on the 13th and boom! the Dow climbed past 10,000. We’ve already seen adjustments to that buoyancy. It would be ill-advised to rush out and invest wildly, but you will notice a thaw in the fear. Any delays you’ve been experiencing in business or finances may start to demonstrate expanding opportunities.

Even with the approaching shadow of Mars retrograde, Jupiter will stimulate growth and the belief that “the sun will come out tomorrow”… but don’t forget the next line is: “bet your bottom dollar on tomorrow”. This is still a time to invest judiciously, and the best investment is on yourself.

The New Moon in Libra occurred on 10/18/2009 at 1:33 am ET. This is a time to focus on relationships in your life, especially the ones you’d like to change or bring into existence. This Libran New Moon has a heightened quality of expectation because Saturn (discipline, structure) enters Libra on 10/29.

With Saturn in Libra, we begin a cycle of responsibility in partnership. That doctor you’ve had trouble communicating with in the past? He’s about to be history. The business partner who seems to forget her job description? It’s time to delineate what each of you do, clearly and formally. If you and your spouse are in different worlds, you must find common ground or go your separate ways. If you’ve been dating for years, you may start thinking of commitment or that you’d prefer time to yourself.

The days after the New Moon are fertile in striking ground for growth in relationship. Remember astrology is a fantastic tool for understanding those other people in your life. I’d love to talk more to you about it.