West Indian Parade ©David Shankbone

West Indian Parade ©David Shankbone

Forecast 9/2 Labor Day’s Leo Moon encourages playfulness, although friction may arise when responsibilities or obligations demand attention.

The best course is to do what’s necessary; for example, business parties require awareness of the pecking order or if you want to borrow your father’s car, adhere to the rules.

A Mars/Neptune picture in the sky suggests tremendous growth opportunities for those on a spiritual journey IF action is aligned with the inner message.

It is not a time to be cavalier about self-medication and if you do partake of a substance, realize that your usual tolerance is probably less at this time. If you find yourself in a situation where confusion or lack of information clouds your judgment, pull back until clarity shines through.

Lead every conversation or overture with your heart and good resolution follows. The overall tone of the day is positive for those who listen for the cues instead of racing forward with an agenda. ©Cucinell 2013– all rights reserved

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