I’m looking at two dates for the Statue of Liberty, one is 6/19/1885 when she first arrived on Bedloe Island, the other on 10/28/1886 when President Grover Cleveland officially dedicated her. Both dates are interesting, although I view her landing on US shore from the waters as her official birth, and the latter as a transit.

The earlier date with a noon chart puts the Moon at 0 Libra conjunct the North Node, which is on the world axis. There is no question that she is an icon burned into the world psyche. I remember seeing her on a misty dawn coming home from college in England while on a Russian ship (cheap passage for a student).  I was stirred with strong connections to my Ellis Island ancestors always before abstract, until that morning.

The Cleveland date has a Moon in Scorpio, which seems fitting since on that day and ever after, politicians have tried to manipulate her symbolism for their own grandstanding. But the Moon represents the people in an event chart, and since it is conjunct Mercury and trine Saturn it seems to speak of an inherent understanding of Liberty and the responsibility that comes with it. Yet the opposition to Neptune/Pluto suggests resistance and an attraction to agendas and idealism, which can confuse and derail the basic impulse.

In plainer English, freedom comes with responsibility, which demands at times a release of part of the dream. 

Looking at the “birth chart” (her arrival on US shores), the South Node is in Aries, which represents her head (the crown). To grow we move beyond the habit of the South Node, to step into the destiny of the North Node. Europeans have learned in order to preserve their beloved buildings and artifacts to limit the wear and tear on them. Americans need to learn that to work in partnership with Liberty’s longevity she needs to keep her head clear

It is sobering to note that Liberty’s Saturn is 27 Gemini, less than 1 degree away from the World Trade Towers Saturn. It is well-documented that their destruction was during their Saturn return. Liberty also was going through hers at the time, which in her case led to confinement to protect.

Since Saturn returns demand growth, responsibility and can bring endings (and beginnings), it seems especially ill-conceived to spend any time at all trying to re-open her crown. Better the funding and research go to establishing a compelling museum complete with a docudrama of how claustrophobic and disappointing the actual ascent to her crown really was. I remember seeing the bubble gum lining her windows which was all I could see since I was about 10 and not tall enough to look out. Not exactly the best image for a Libra North Node. She is infinitely more beautiful outside than within.

Another interesting point, Alfred Hitchcock’s “Saboteur” was released in 1942, a year before Liberty’s Saturn return.