11/17/2010 Sleep may be restless; keep a notebook by your bed. Jot down any dreams and then go back to sleep. It may be indecipherable when you wake up, but that really isn’t a worry.

Tremendous changes are occurring all around us and within. Your unconscious needs time to discharge all the buried thoughts. You can either look them over when awake, or return them to another place in the bottom of your inner ocean.

Chances are when the moon is in Aries, unless it’s something you can address right now, you’ll throw it back to the soup of your unconscious. But it won’t really go away.

<i>In Your Path ©cucinell 2010</i>This is a powerful day to tackle something that needs to be said. It will have greater impact if you can avoid stepping on toes. This means if you run roughshod over someone else’s authority, you may get shot down in mid-delivery.

If you take the time to couch your message while making sure it is articulated, you are more likely to get it across. Planning may lack spontaneity, but it may yield perfection (or as near as you can get)l

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