The Leo Full Moon brightens the winter night with its luminosity. It may look particularly stark tonight, since Saturn turns retrograde at 9:03 am ET. When the planet which symbolizes responsibility, discipline and fear goes inward, we reflect on what stops us and why.

The full moon is exact at 4:54 pm ET at 18° Leo 32”. The Sabian symbol for the Moon at this degree is “A houseboat party” and for the Sun is “A forest fire quenched”. These two images both evoke water, although it is not the noun of either phrase.

In the case of the Sun, “A forest fire quenched”, the water has doused the intensity of a fire that threatened nature. This can be symbolic of emotion that overrides the desire of will, as in when someone realizes that his/her self-expression might be at the cost of something emotionally important.

In contrast, “a houseboat party” seems gay and buoyed up by an emotional current. Since a full moon always offers an opportunity to integrate the energies of the opposite signs (although not always easily), think in terms of what creative project you’d like to launch into the greater world.

This can be greatly assisted by your circle of friends, its network and beyond, once you decide your project has a good foundation. People you meet at this time or discussions can greatly accelerate the materialization of the dream. A good evening to network.

What creative vision are you ready to share with a larger audience?