Monday 11/9 This may be a frustrating day if you’re trying to launch a project or express an idea. Doors may seem closed and you may be tempted to cut corners or manipulate a situation. I’m remembering Polonius in Hamlet, who said the famous line: “to thine own self be true”.

hamletNot exactly how you’d say it today, but on reflection about Polonius- if he hadn’t been hiding behind that curtain spying on Hamlet, he wouldn’t have been stabbed. Needless to say, things tend to go better when you communicate openly, even when you’d rather not.

Try to keep everything in the open, if possible. Clandestine activities may lead to frustration or an uncomfortable disclosure. No matter how thorny it gets, it’s still better than Hamlet’s fate- or poor Polonius!

Hamlet- Olivier/ Aylmer