Saturday 4/4 A Mercury Jupiter picture indicates an explosion of information; your email/facebook/twitter may get clogged. Messages from siblings or neighbors may bring good news. The Leo Moon may nudge you to make time for play, but other aspects suggest responsibilities and desire may muddy up the ease of simply goofing off.

Pluto stations retrograde today and the “dwarf planet” reminds us not to overlook the small things. All work and no play will make Jill/Jack dull, so if you feel overwhelmed by “shoulds” make sure you’ve allowed time to release. If you’re planning a cleanse or de-tox, this is a good day to begin.

It is vitally important to take responsibility now with Pluto in Capricorn, but that also includes an awareness of what your body and soul needs to feel nourished.

Your productivity increases the same way a child in grammar school blooms, if she’s allowed to run around and make art or music. Leo encourages you to remember that, so make some time for play as an appropriate outlet for release.