Friday 5/29 There’s been a conjunction of Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter in Aquarius. Today when Neptune & Chiron go retrograde, you may get a glimmer as to what that means.

Simply put, there is a lot of energy swirling around belief systems. Specifically, what do you long for but think is impossible? Who, what, where caused the old wound, the one that feels like it is not meant to be healed in this lifetime? There is an ability now to channel the longing into a bigger dream, like working for a humanitarian cause.

The snare may be if it feels insurmountable. With the retrograde, the emphasis is to go within to better see and evaluate the vision. It may not be easy to articulate, so save that for another day.

Astrologers use this shorthand symbol for Chiron chironglyph which was discovered in 1977. The fact that it looks like a key is significant. A Chiron transit can increase a person’s self-awareness or knowledge. When the transit occurs, it is an uncomfortable period (at best), because Chiron in mythology was “the wounded healer”.

When someone has Chiron prominent in his/her birth horoscope, coming to terms with the wound enables them to deliver a message to help others. Since Chiron is turning retrograde today, you may enter a period of deeper self-reflection and subtle messages that can create long-term change.

Because this is coupled with Neptune (spirituality, escapism) also turning retrograde, this may increase the desire for the numinous. If someone does not have a strong sense of Spirit, God or a Higher Power, this may be challenging. All symbols in astrology have a negative and positive (and many nuances in between). Some people may feel a need to escape, tune out or find themselves in situations where they are victimized.

The antidote to these sensations is to love oneself. This alone can be very difficult when someone is overwhelmed by circumstances. Concentrating on reaching out and building community can help exponentially.

Chiron’s was a centaur and his incurable wound was in his thigh (the animal part). It is no accident that the asteroid/comet was discovered in the late ’70s when the oil crisis triggered growing awareness of our environmental fragility. With these three heavenly bodies in Aquarius, propelling your energy into green solutions can help you even though it may not directly “heal your wound”.

In the end, the great unifier for all humans may be our realization of our need for Mother Earth. Chiron has been in the sky of course before it was discovered. From an astrologer’s perspective, once discovered the lessons of that symbolic archetype expands into human consciousness. To heal our animal natures we must accept our interdependence with all life on this planet. Living in our heads and creating our amazing technology has brought us to a precipice of environmental changes.

If you can’t bring yourself to hug a tree, at least lean against one. Feel your energetic roots enter the earth from the soles of your feet. Remember this image everyday and you will give yourself momentary restoration.

Keep on my feed; I will write more on Chiron (especially since this Aquarian line-up is bouncing on my horoscope!)

Tonight, a Venus Moon picture encourages time with friends. Go to a performance or pretty up your home with a dinner party where people put on elegant outfits.