Sunday 10/18
The New Moon in Libra occurs at 1:33 am ET, after which the moon is VOC until 10:23 am when it enters Scorpio. As a result, the early morning flows best when you perform tasks that don’t require any emotional connection. That’s why tossing things you’ve kept too long is effective or get your house in order.

Once the moon is under Scorpio’s influence at 10:23 am ET, emotional intensity increases, especially for water signs. This may increase your passions, which makes for a wonderful afternoon with your partner or a project (but only if you are not at cross-purposes).

If you are lucky enough to be in sync, have a wonderful time! If not, awareness may help you create changes that need to be made. You are under the vibration of the New Moon, so what is begun in the next few days has a charge to unfold if you decide to run with it.