star skyForecast 10/4 The Libra New Moon is exact at 8:35 p.m. ET promising a beautiful night.  There are nifty apps that allow you to point to the sky and see the constellations, like Night Sky and Star Walk- but get outside.

A night walk at the New Moon allows you to see stars that are washed out once the moon waxes; invite a favorite partner for a stroll. Libra is the sign that highlights partnerships of all stripes: marital, business, professional and a BFF.

Libra is about relating, balance and compromise. How you relate and the people you bring into your life comes into laser focus at this time. With the Libra New Moon, you can make a fresh start in a relationship (even if your partner is not on board with it, if you change s/he must). The overall outcome is not in your total control, but be true to yourself.

 coal-miners-emerging-from-the-shaft-after-their-nine-hours-of-toil-are-ended_i-G-22-2246-VI2ZD00ZThe Sabian Symbol** for the degree of this New Moon is: Miners emerging from a mine”. This is an incredible image, gifted to us as a reminder that no matter how dark things may look, we are coming out of it.

A miner is someone who chooses to go underground, although truth be told, the reasons are usually financial- very few people choose to mine as a passion.

Therefore, one goes below because survival depends on it in spite of the fact that it is an uncomfortable process fraught with danger.

As we grapple with the energies symbolized by the Uranus/Pluto Square, many people personally face a capricious environment and the sense of an uncontrollable future. This may be related to work, finances, home, health, safety or all of the above; yet the New Moon offers a glimmer of hope for those who seek it. It’s time for a fresh start or reorientation. New Moon Rituals for New Beginnings

Hope is not without action, however; you must emerge from the mine. This is the key in changing the perception and one that is always available to you. The difference between someone who finds a situation crushing and someone who meets the same with a sense of optimism is often simply a point of view.

A flash of inspiration or a new situation may present itself with potential to burn off the darkness. However, it may feel like an upset or something uninvited.

River Couple ©Cucinell 2009

River Couple ©Cucinell 2009

Right relationships can aid the plow through inertia. This Libra New Moon encourages relationships that support and strengthen one another. People who do not fit in that framework may be on their way out. ©Cucinell 2013- all rights reserved

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