The Libra New Moon occurs at 7:09 a.m. ET. Every New Moon offers a chance to start afresh and in Libra the focus is relationships.

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Other themes are balance, the arts, negotiation and creating harmony. All relationships are affected: romantic, business and work partnerships, familial, close friendships and the enemies you know you have.

Since Venus is the planet linked to Libra, her position in the sky today is important. She is in Libra and in line with Saturn, indicating a work ethic orientation to relationship.

Saturn is considered very strong in Libra (the ancients called this position “exalted”) because to have longevity in relationship and to be effective in relating does take work.

So often people ask me about their “soul mate” and have a longing for intimate relationship. This is understandable. But the bottom line is that relationships do require commitment and application to work… and it takes two people; one person cannot hold up both sides of the pair.

This New Moon you are asked to look at your relationships, whichever area of life they may be. Which ones are working for you? Which ones are “dead wood”? Do you have an enemy that you might be able to turn into an ally? Is there someone who drives you crazy, who you could look at differently?

Is it time to read Harville Hendricks “Getting the Love You Want” with your spouse? (My husband and I have been working on that one for months). It’s a good time to crack into it with renewed vigor.

Is it time to write a list of all the attributes you’d like in a romantic partner as well as a list of what you’re willing to give in that kind of relationship?

The point is, New Moons grant us an opportunity to focus on what we’d like to create in that area of life. A written list or letter to yourself is a way of planting seeds of intention. Since Libra is an air sign, it lifts the spirit to communicate to yourself verbally.

So light a candle today and vision what you’d like to have happen in relationship. But do it carefully and consciously, because with Uranus in the mix, you might get what you ask for but in a way that surprises you.

The Sabian symbol for this moon is: “Around A Campfire A Group Of Young People Sit In Spiritual Communion”. This is a reminder that another relationship is the one you have with your conscience.

Is there a cause or community you hold close to your heart but haven’t found the time to take action? Many individuals are coming together nowadays in ways that will forge a dynamic tomorrow. Once you leave your house today, be ready for serendipity and change because it is all around you.

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