Faerie Fun ©Cucinell 2012

Forecast 12/3 This is a high-spirited day.

In the morning if you sense a lack or inability to move forward, take note but do not take it to heart. Give yourself some time because by afternoon you may have a different frame of mind.

People can be playful and creativity is encouraged.

This is not however, an ideal day to start a new activity; be careful with investments and make sure communications is clear. Don’t assume. Fire sign folks may seem bigger than life (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries).

If you like theatrics in your everyday life, expect to be entertained, otherwise get tickets for a dramatic performance that stays on stage.

Goddess Night Out! December 6, 5-9 p.m. at the Tarrytown Doubletree Hotel. Reservations required. I’ll offer mini-sessions & discounted Gift Certificates. You can also purchase a package that allows you to choose an Intentions Jewelry bracelet & enjoy a private session with Pamela at a later date. Treat yourself or a loved one, or both! Reservations a must!

I am thrilled to participate in the World Peace Meditation at Ashokan, facilitated by my friend, the channel Suzy Meszoly. Join me for the Winter Solstice/ End of the Mayan Calendar/ Shift 2012 celebration in beautiful Ashokan, Woodstock NY. I will be available to talk about the astrology of these times on 12/20/12 and throughout the day on 12/21, in between meditations and reflections. Drop in for a day or the whole weekend rebirth. Limited reservations available! Find out more.

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