Christmas in Conneticut

The moon enters Libra at 3:06 am ET.

You may wake up and feel like all the love of the last couple of days has disappeared with your dreams. This is a temporary feeling, which may affect you personally, especially if you have Libra, Aries, Cancer or Capricorn prominent in your horoscope.

Regardless, a Venus/Saturn picture in the sky may emphasize a sense of what you lack, as well as negative spin on the news. You may feel thwarted or limited in a conversation with someone important to you.

See this as a time to make you aware of problems; you don’t have to solve them today although in some cases it might seem best to disengage. If a situation has outworn its usefulness, this may well be the time to walk away. However, when you’re not the one who makes that decision, it may feel particularly painful.

Ease away from stress by enjoying the themes highlighted by a Libra moon: dancing, music and delightful companions.

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