Monday 2/9 This Full Moon in Leo at 21 degrees is also a Lunar Eclipse. It is the partner to the Solar Eclipse that occured on 1/26 igniting all that Aquarian energy. If you’re on Facebook, Twitter or any social networking sites, you’ve probably noticed an explosion of invites in the past couple of weeks.

As the full moon radiates, self-expression may increase within the flurry of internet society. In other words, the opportunity for the individual to feel unique within the many expands as more people enter the network. This may sound paradoxical, but when people who are not “native” to the on-line community enter it, they create changes within it.

But the Full Moon is not just about the internet. If you remember where you were at this time of year in 1990, we were going through the same couple of eclipses. There usually is a similar theme that is touched in your life.

Eclipses open a door and we get a glimpse of what could be. It requires change and direction to maximize the energy released. If you feel a strong impulse as to where you’d like to go, regardless of how impossible it may seem, set your sights on it and aim high. The odds are it won’t happen overnight, but if you kindle that fire within you, you may be closer than you think.