Saturday 8/16 The Lunar Eclipse occurs at 5:16 pm EDT. You may experience heightened perceptions as Spirit sends messages through symbols. Be alert to what catches your eye; if you’re a creative person you’ll want to use today for an artistic pursuit. Venus/Jupiter in the sky can create bounty so be sure to spend some of your day connecting with others because true wealth comes through relationships. Since the eclipse engages the U.S. horoscope, news at this time can have long-reaching consequences.

This eclipse is at 24 Aquarius 21, and people with Aquarius strong in their horoscopes or Leos will be feeling it most intensely. Neptune is in Aquarius, so there may be an almost hallucinogenic quality to the day. Meditation, creative pursuits and psychic endeavors are wonderful outlets; avoid overindulgence and self-medication. This is a great day for connecting with people. Get out of the house or if you’re unable to, make phone calls, chat, text or write a letter.

Monica Starr’s take at Astrology Mundo goes deeply into a financial reflection on the eclipse.