Virgo New Moon
We are in the season of the sign of Virgo, symbolic of the Virgin, a woman owned by no man. Unlike the contemporary use of the word, the ancients referred to any goddess, priestess or woman as “virgin” if autonomous.

The great goddesses all had a virginal quality to them; they were creators, warriors and seekers. When Christianity began to spread, it was concept of the mother of Jesus that won over the people attached to the Great Feminine.

This was not necessarily a calculated marketing plan. As people converted, they adapted their rituals to provide them with the familiar, so the Madonna replaced the goddess, often exactly where her own shrines had stood.

Mary became the vessel for the Immaculate Conception, a powerful duality from the earliest mythology. It is the Virgin who dreams and strategizes, unfettered by other’s expectations. It is the Mother who carries the vision, births the dream and realizes the plan. Those two ways of being are the root of creative expression.

With that in mind, regardless of your gender, I invite you to use the Virgo New Moon as a time to seek your inner counsel. With so much going on in your world, it is essential to tap into that part of you that is aligned with the Virgin. This allows you to find the cool harbor within, the place that only your own Soul can touch. You may doubt it’s there but everyone has Virgo somewhere in his/her horoscope.

Jot down whatever you’d like to make happen over the next few weeks. If there’s something on your “to do” list that you can knock off today, do that. It will empower you, no matter how simple a task.

The Virgo Moon casts the mood for an orderly life. Not all people hum with a daily routine. Yet all biological creatures have a bio-logic that is essential for well-being. If we deny this, eventually our bodies rebel. When we honor the larger cycles around us, we can work within them. This way our lives are in sync with the biological frame instead of against it.

is the sign that is related to Mercury the messenger god, especially because of dexterity. The Virgin is busy with her hands, gathering, creating and performing service.

The ability to straddle and balance in difficult situations is a strong Virgo trait. If it is important to you to modify diet, exercise, health or routine at this time, put it on your New Moon to-do list.

Virgo cannot take on more than it knows it can handle. Therefore if something pulls you down, determine how you will release it.

The 2012 Virgo New Moon occurs at on September 15 at 10:11 p.m. ET. Too many demands are on your time is unproductive. Make a decision and don’t look back.

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