Although diving may not be viewed as an aggressive sport, Matthew Mitcham is a warrior. He is a Pisces with a trine from Pluto in Scorpio, which gives him single-minded ferocity in self-expression (March 2, 1988). Although I don’t know his birthtime, the noon chart (appropriate for a celebrity) gives him a Leo Moon which is trine Venus/Jupiter in Aries. With the water and fire planets, you could simply get steam (which can run an engine) but his stellium in Capricorn grounds him into application.

Mars in Capricorn gets the job done, conjunct Neptune! The God of the Sea supporting the Piscean in a water sport about FORM – his gymnast past evident as he flies towards meeting water. But he also is a child of the Saturn/Uranus conjunction, which occurred around the fall of the Berlin Wall. This symbolizes revolution to create a new foundation. He is the first openly gay Olympian during competition. 

It is his Mercury at 15 Aquarius, the degree that touches the world axis, which probably made silence impossible for Mitcham. Because it’s in square to Pluto, he may find himself in verbal situations that test his inner security and power. As Saturn comes to his natal Sun in late August, he may be further tested to own his strengths. With transiting Uranus coming to his North Node, his visibility will probably increase as the Olympics end. 

Mitcham is an incredible athlete, but he also has the potential to be an awesome public speaker and motivational role model. Time will tell how this young man uses his talents, but for now I’m ready to sign up as a Facebook fan.

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